Spellbound 48-557Z Spiral Blazer - Indigo

The ‘Spiral Blazer’ from Japanese virtuosos Spellbound is a brilliant clash of traditional tailoring with modern, boundary pushing fabrics. This beautifully woven 100% cotton fabric has been crafted with a spiral motif running throughout, and has then been dyed in a beautifully deep indigo colour. The cotton is incredibly soft which gives this unstructured blazer an incredibly comfortable fit, and an effortless smart/casual silhouette. Various pockets have been featured on the front for functionality, and deep nut buttons have been featured to add a touch of contrast to the vivid indigo blue. A throat tab button has been added which draws this blazer in a closer comparison to early 20th Century models, and yet the sophistication of the design makes this piece feel fresh and modern. We love it!
  • Standard fit
  • 10O% spiral woven cotton 
  • Indigo dyed 
  • Full button plate
  • Unlined
  • Made in Japan

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