Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue 'Fournier' Tote Bag


Crafted from recycled denim from their East London atelier, the Soldier Blue ‘Fornier’ Tote is the perfectly unique option for day to day city life. With a reinforced seat, and a traditional tote construction, this bag takes on elements of classical jeans manufacturing, and puts them into a whole new dimension. Punch through copper rivets, durable canvas taping, unique selvedge panelling, and a custom woven brand label have all been included to make this tote every but as individual as you. All designed and made by one tailor, from start to finish.

  • Traditional tote bag
  • Selvedge denim panelling
  • Cotton canvas seat
  • Durable cotton taping
  • Punch through copper rivets
  • Custom woven brand labels
  • Hand made in East London

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