Spellbound 48-560Z Spiral Vest - Indigo

$194 $323

Japan’s Spellbound have come through with a brilliant clash of old and new with their ‘spiral vest’. Featuring traditional design and construction methods, this vest is a full cut model with a rounded collar and a squared off tail. The high button plate frames the collar beautifully and is lined with custom tortoiseshell buttons which effortlessly contrast the deep indigo of the body. Traditional side entry pockets have been included on the lower body of the vest, and on the upper, we have two small slit pockets for smaller items. One extra utility pocket is featured on the right side for convenience.

The vest is unlined and so keeps a naturally unstructured finish which compliments the design perfectly, and makes this waistcoat perfect for warmer weather. The material really is the talking point here though, with a unique patina which is characteristic of this brand. Cut from a 100% cotton which has been uniquely woven and finished with a spiral design, before being dyed in a lustrously deep indigo, this waistcoat really is a departure from the world of traditional workwear that we all know and love. With such a brilliant blend of forward thinking fabric production, and traditional tailored design, the brand stand themselves out as something special, and we are always anxious to see what they will come up with next. 

  • Standard fit
  • 100% spiral woven cotton 
  • Indigo dyed 
  • 5 convenient pockets
  • Full button plate
  • Unlined
  • Made in Japan

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