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Within the denim world, there are few brands who conjure more inspired curiosity, than Japan’s mysterious denim masters, ONI. Not much is known about the man behind the brand, but it is said that Mr. Oishi works in isolation on his collection of vintage looms, to produce some of the most fascinating fabric in the industry. But, aside from the lust worthy denims, the brand craft silhouettes which have their customers sticking to their chosen number as if a religious right of passage. So, come with us as we walk you through the incredible cuts of a brand who offer a little of something great, for any shape or size…

Relaxed Tapered / 622

ONI’s relaxed tapered fit does exactly what you think it might, and it does it to perfection. Allowing a little more room in the thigh, and boasting a comfortable mid-rise, this cut offers superb freedom of movement in the upper leg, and is the perfect option for those who like a little more sag in the seat, or those with a larger thigh. Ingeniously however, the brand have included a subtle taper to this design, which crafts a modern silhouette, and slim the leg to flatter.


This 622-DIZR jean is a great option for those who might have struggled to find the perfect jean because of big thighs, and those who want a little more breathability in their tapered style.


Pair the Relaxed Tapered fit with a low-profile sneaker or shoe, to allow the jean’s cut to flow naturally, and avoid excess bulk at the bottom.

 ONI 902ZR
Regular Tapered / 902

The Regular Tapered cut is the perfect option for anyone seeking a modern silhouette, which effortlessly blends smart and casual territories. This classic five pocket jean features slightly less room in the thigh than its older brother, which allows for a slimming effect in the upper leg, while a comfortable mid-rise sits below the natural waist to accentuate the narrow profile.


A slight taper leads down to the hem from the knee, which offers a super clean finish. This popular 902ZR option works well with a formal shoe, for office and meeting situations, but can also be worn casually with a work boot or sneakers. Try experimenting with your smart and casual styles, and see why this cut is a firm customer favourite.


Other Regular Tapered models include: 122, 902, 240, 612, 602, 540, 926, 669, 642, 932, 882. 632, 982 

 ONI 679ZR
Slim Tapered / 679

The ideal option to flatter a slighter frame, ONI’s Slim Tapered cut offers a comfortable mid-rise, with a narrow thigh which tapers subtly to the ankle. Leaning more towards the casual side of the spectrum, this modern cut boasts a snug fit, which has been carefully considered for comfort, and matches perfectly with sneakers, or low-profile shoes or boots.


If you’re concerned about the weight of the denim, then fear not! The brand have woven their fabric on a purposefully low weave, like on this 679ZR, which allows the fabric a superior breathability, and will mould to the way you move over time, making the jean uniquely yours.


Other Slim Tapered models include: 540, 541, 506, 679, 544, 881, 920, 640, 546, 689, 665, 676, 686, 626, 666, 512, 417

 ONI 200
Wide Straight / 200

Now here’s a silhouette that really says laid back! Offering a wider leg entry, with a little more room in the thigh, and absolutely no taper down to the ankle, this 200 cut allows for superb freedom of movement and comfort. Not usually known for their wider cuts, the brand have compensated for the leg shape with a slightly higher rise, which flatters the form on the waist.


This early 20th century style has boomed recently, with many moving away from narrower cuts in favour of looseness, and we feel it is a really versatile look. Pair the Wide Straight fit with just about any shoe you like, but beware, it lends itself better to a more casual outfit!

Other Wide Straight models include: 202, 222
Regular Straight / 288

Now, any denim brand worth their salt has to offer a classic mid-century cut, which evokes the effortless cool of the ‘golden era’ Levi’s 501. ONI’s Regular Straight fit, the 288ZR-BK ticks that box with style and elegance, offering a little more room in the thigh, before going straight down from the knee. A mid-rise allows this cut to be worn in many ways; tuck your shirt in for a smart/casual approach, or let your sweatshirt hang over for a relaxed style.


Again, this straight leg allows for versatile shoe pairings, and actually look great with a more formal Derby style, or even a Work Boot.


Other Regular Straight models include: 246, 266, 288, 525, 575, 511, 022, 206, 245, 299, 277 

Slim Straight / 510

Designed to compliment those with a slighter frame, and more classical leanings, the Slim Straight from ONI is narrow in the thigh, before going straight down to the ankle from the knee. The brand understands perfectly that, just because you might be slimmer in thigh, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to wear skinny jeans!

A mid-to-low rise has been added to the 510SHM model, which balances the cut nicely, and, as with the other straight leg options pairs nicely with a more formal shoe for work days, or with low or high-profile sneakers when you want to dress down for the weekend!


Other Slim Straight models include: 510, 727, 546, 517, 547, 548, 107, 247, 717, 707, 536, 585, 552, 562, 527