Red Wing Leather Care - A step-by-step guide

People say that if you take care of the things that you love, then they will take care of you in return. Well, this is especially true when talking about your favourite pair of work horse boots from one of the world’s most respected manufacturers. Red Wing have built themselves an enviable reputation for durability since their inception in 1905, and have become the go-to boot for workers in all industries which require that extra bit of consideration. So, since this company have gone the extra mile for your feet, don’t you think it’s fair to treat those boots of yours to the longest, most exciting life possible? We think so too. Read on for our guide on how to care for smooth leathers.

At the start of this process, you’ll need to gather up a few things, and believe us, you aren’t going to want to skimp on the tools you use here. Red Wing offer a range of great care products for their shoes, and it’s well worth investing in some of their Mink Oil, and Leather Cream. You’ll also need a good quality horsehair brush, a set of shoe trees, some warm water with very mild soap mixed through, and a clean rag.

Step 01: The Prep 

Remove the laces from both boots and use that horsehair brush to dust off any build up that might have accumulated. Get right into the welt and into the tongue if you can. Then prepare a bowl of warm water and mild soap solution. Stir the solution until you get a light foam.

Step 02: The Initial Clean

Use your clean rag to apply a fine coat of the water solution to the boots, taking special care to get right in to all of the nooks and crannies. Don’t use too much water so that the boots are soaked, but just enough to remove any excess grime. Set the boots to one side to allow to dry fully. They should be fine after around one hour. 

Step 03: Apply the Mink Oil

If you have a set of shoe trees, now would be a great time to fit them into the boots, as this will allow for a good all over finish for the oil. Now, place a towel over your knees, and open the mink oil up, and using a clean rag, slowly massage the oil into the surface of the leather, being sure to hit every spot evenly. This product will really help to put some of the moisture back into the leather, that it will have lost over time. Again, let the oil dry for around an hour before moving onto the next step.

Step 04: Apply the Leather Cream

When you’re sure the Mink Oil is dry, give the boots another quick polish using the same horsehair brush, then open up the Leather Cream. Following the same process, apply an even layer of the cream, which will further hydrate the leather to stop it from drying out and eventually cracking. This cream has been specially developed to treat the leather without darkening the colour, so it works well even with lighter leathers!

Step 05: New Laces

After waiting an hour for that final step to dry, we like nothing better than popping a brand new set of laces into the boots, to give them a new lease of life!

The soles of all the Red Wing boots we sell at Son of a Stag are fully replaceable, that means all you have to do is take care of the leather, keep it hydrated and clean every now and then, and they’ll be your worthy companions for a decade of winters or more! We hope you find this process as therapeutic as we do!