Soldier Blue: A Time Machine That Magically Repairs Your Jeans

Upon entering Soldier Blue, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time.

Immediately you encounter dozens of vintage machines, each with their own creation story, some of which range back as far as the 1800s (including the holy grail of denim repair machines, the 47w70)

Denim themed treasure can be found everywhere you look, with vintage Lee, Osh-Kosh, Sweet-Orr and Headlight advertising  illuminated by Jielde and Singer lights. You are welcomed warmly by a member of the Soldier Blue team and realise you are in a denim Promised Land.

Soldier Blue is an offshoot from Son of a Stag, the HQ of high quality selvedge denim in London. Located less than five minutes away from Son of a Stag and Spitalfields Market, Soldier Blue first opened in October 2017 and has already become the go–to place for denim repair. As recently as two years ago this store was a sweet shop, so the sheer level of transformation is startling.

Not only that, Soldier Blue is an environmental conscious store aware of it’s own carbon footprint, emphasising us to look and repair our jeans rather than just throw them away. We forget denim has been through it all with us over the last hundred years or so, and it can never be emphasised enough that a good pair of jeans is a life long friend.

In essence, Soldier Blue has a spirit and magic that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. Designed and conceived with an unbridled sense of love for all things indigo, this is a service for everyone, and a paradise for denim lovers. Offering a consistently high quality and personal service, it’s a workshop that first and foremost fixes your denim problems.

The magic and the timeless atmosphere are on the house.


Sewing machine