Styling tips for your denim jacket this season

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As a staple of popular sartorial culture, the denim jacket has been styled the world over by some of the best out there. And while these classics will never go out of style, it is essential to breathe some fresh air into them each season. So, today we’ve taken four of the most recognisable silhouettes in design history, and brought a new element in to update each of them. Whether you favour ‘Types’ I, II, or III, or perhaps the classic ‘Chore’ jacket, we’ve curated a set of looks to inspire you for Spring, and beyond.

The Original Type-I
Here's a brand new take on the denim jacket which started it all; the Type-I. By pairing this piece with mid-century college graphics, and some Ivy League chinos, this off white denim brings a lighter approach to the classic casual style, and just in time for Spring!

The Timeless Twin Pocket Type-II
Ever felt like bringing some denim into the more formal side of your wardrobe? In our humble opinion, raw denim is a great option for achieving this look, with a crisp finish and plenty of 1950's character. Pair your raw indigo with some lighter chinos, and low-profile loafers, to add a touch of heritage to your smart style.

The Beloved Type-III 'Trucker'
For laid back comfort and style, the Type-III is a great go-to option. Adding a pop of vibrant colour to your well-worn indigos is a superb way to update the feel of this iconic jacket, while moving into the warmer seasons. Try pairing this with some pure indigo jeans to help the colours stand out even more.

The Traditional Workwear 'Chore' Jacket
This titan of American workwear is a surprisingly versatile option, which pairs well with wider silhouettes, and plenty of layering up when the temperature drop. Instead of sticking to denim, we've inlcuded elements of vintgae military design, along with sportswear, to accentuate the boxy shape of this piece.