Barnes & Moore

Barnes & Moore 'Roadster' Long Wallet - Tarnsjo Dark Cherry


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This slimline ‘long wallet’ from Birmingham’s Barnes & Moore has been cut from a speciality leather, tanned in Sweden’s Tarnsjo Garveri tannery, located off the banks of the Tärnsjön lake. This responsible tannery have produced a superior quality leather here, which has been masterfully crafted into a superb piece which will stay with you for decades.

10 card slots, and 2 coin compartments provide more than enough storage for your essentials, while a solid brass chain loop allows for a tether to be easily attached. This product comes with a complimentary 5ml bottle of neatsfoot oil, to properly care for the leather.

  • Roadster Long Wallet
  • Tarnsjo Garveri leather
  • Tanned in Sweden
  • 10 card slots
  • Riri zippered pocket
  • Note compartment
  • 5ml bottle of neatsfoot oil
  • Brass chain loop
  • 18x10cms
  • Hand crafted in Birmingham