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Chain Stitching Service


At Son of a Stag we pride ourselves in offering the very best choice of Japanese & American denim brands in the world as well as offering our exemplary service & knowledge. We were the first to revive this service on the shop floor in the UK And have gone the extra mile (or a few), to ensure you get the very best chain stitching service to shorten your jeans.

The machine of choice is model Union Special 43200G. These are super rare and were the original chain stitch machine for Levi's. It has to be this model and not a modified version of it. The modified version looks the same but has different characteristics to the original. Union Special company seems to have replaced the 43200G with other machines in a quest to replicate the same stitch and make it easier to use the machine but this has reduced the tension on the thread. This means you don't achieve the same roping/puckering as you would with the original. We hem over 5,000 pairs every year which means that you will get an amazing service on your jeans.

*Please include your chosen leg length in your Order Notes at the Checkout.

*After having purchased your Chain Stitching Service please send your jeans to us with a print out of your order confirmation.

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