Full Count

Full Count 2979-2102 'Real Killer' Type II Denim Jacket - Washed


Full Count’s ‘Real Killer’ jacket is a faithful reproduction of a worn over time Type II, with all the dirt and fades that go with it. The Type II is sacred ground in denim history and few brands approach their interpretations of this denim giant with such attention to detail and authenticity. The ‘Real Killer’ jacket maintains the classic ‘boxy’ shape of the 1950’s type II, with looser sleeves and more of a drop on the shoulder than modern equivalents. Two breast flap pockets are featured beside the selvedge button plate, while front and back pleats allow this jacket to blouse in true vintage style. Waist epaulettes allow the waist to be cinched in for a custom fit, and 13.7oz denim provides a sturdy base for a jacket which will endure with you as you break it in. Full Count have expertly aged this jacket with a unique washing technique which authentically reproduces the fades achieved by decades of wear. We think this offering from the denim masters is about as close as you can get to the real thing, without going back in time of course. 

  • 1950’s boxy shape
  • Two breast pockets
  • Selvedge button plate
  • Zimbabwean cotton
  • Front and back pleats
  • Waist epaulettes
  • Expertly faded
  • 13.7oz denim
  •  Made in Osaka, Japan

Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
38 20.75" 25" 18.5" 18.5"
40 21" 25" 18.5" 19"
42 22" 25.5" 19" 19"
46 23.75" 27" 21.5" 20.5"

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