ONI Denim

ONI 676ZR 20oz Secret Denim Slim Tapered Jean - Raw


ONI’s famous ‘secret denim’ is back again in the form of the 676ZR model. This classic 5-pocket heavyweight is a mid-rise jean which fits tightly on the waist and thighs and keeps on tapering as it falls down the leg. So if you like a slim jean which packs a lot of punch, this just might be the one for you. ONI’s secret denim is a 20oz mystery of low tension, slubby weaving, with a beige dyed weft which flecks the fabric at irregular intervals to give an authentic heritage feel. This denim is famous for its glorious fades, which will definitely be further encouraged by the tight fit of this 676ZR. Universal copper rivets, heavy duty bar tacks, raised belt loops and canvas pocket bags all support this brand’s reputation as the most durable on the market. The iconic deer skin either patch adorns the back of these jeans, along with the ‘secret denim’s’ enviable pink selvedge line.

  • Slim/tapered fit
  • Medium rise
  • 20oz low tension denim
  • ’Secret denim’
  • Universal copper rivets
  • Raised belt loops
  • Heavy duty bar tacks
  • Durable canvas pocket bags
  • Deer skin leather patch
  • Pink selvedge line
  • Made in Japan

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