Paraboot Michael Marche Shoe - Poils Vache


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The Michael is a heritage shoe which has quickly become a modern classic. Featuring a simple two eyelet bridge, and unique and instantly recognisable nose shape, this shoe has been made in France by the Paraboot company since its inception. Boasting a cow fur finish, this bold model is a unique way to add a touch of interest to your look. 

Named as a celebration of Micheal Richard in 1945, this shoe is suitable for any occasion, and features a genuine vulcanized rubber sole, Norwegian welted construction, and is fully leather lined. For convenience and longevity, this shoe can be completely resoled. 

  • Born in 1945
  • Two eyelet bridge 
  • Iconic nose shape 
  • Genuine vulcanized rubber sole
  • Leather lined
  • Norwegian welted construction
  • Made in France