Red Wing

Red Wing 2951 Rover 6" Boot - Black Harness


This durable boot from heavy duty icons, Red Wing, takes its name from the machine operators of early 20th century cotton mills. ‘The Rover’ boot is made up of Black Harness leather which is a heavyweight, full grain leather, with an incredibly smooth finish and a tremendous ability to shape to your foot. To maximise the comfort of this chic model, Red Wing have included their classic Malt Cushion Crepe soul, providing a bounce and firm grip to every step you take. This simple boot features no toe seams for a more streamlined look, speed clips for convenience when taking them on and off, and a sturdy Goodyear welt to ensure their long life. 

We recommend treating this black colour option with Mink Oil to preserve its life, and why not treat your feet to an extra layer of comfort with some Red Wing boot socks. 

  • 2951 Model
  • Smooth finish
  • Black Harness leather
  • Goodyear welt 
  • Malt Cushion Crepe Soul
  • Speed Clips
  • Made in the USA

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