TOYS McCOY 'The Great American Hero' Stripe Tee - Ivory/Red


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As part of the brand's fantastic 'McHill' range, Toys McCoy has released this mid-weight striped tee inspired by those worn by Steve McQueen. As with many of the brand's pieces, this tee goes to great lengths to match an authentic mid-century garment as closely as possible.

The shape of this tee is a square cut with a slightly boxy silhouette, and a neat, high collar for a great 1950’s feel. The thin stripe design calls back to classic biker and Ivy League shirts, giving off a youthful but classy feel.

These simple and bold designs are a great way to add a subtle pop of interest to any casual outfit, while the muted colour options make them incredibly versatile.

  • Boxy shape
  • 100% cotton
  • High, neat collar
  • Iconic mid-20th century stripe
  • Custom woven cotton brand label
  • Product code: TMC2409-042
  • Made in Japan