Yuketen Blucher Rocker w/ Kiltie Shoe - FO G Brown


Yuketen have earned an enviable reputation for quality throughout their career, and it’s never more visible than in their iconic Blucher style. Hand sewn, and hand lasted, these shoes are designed to closely mirror the foot’s natural movements, and the brand have developed the perfect comfort sole to compliment that. Full Veg-Tanned leather insoles and midsoles have been included in this design, as well as a tucks with a steel shank to increase fitting in the arch and heel.

For this style, the brand have used Opera’s full grain, ‘flesh out’ leather, which has been tanned in Tuscany, and boasts a soft durability which is rarely matched in this industry. The outsole has been exclusively made for Yuketen, and has been based on orthopaedic designs which were used to offer softness and comfort, while encouraging a better natural gait cycle.

  • Blucher lace up moccasin
  • Tosca Golden Brown leather
  • Opera ‘flesh out’ leather, tanned in Tuscany
  • Veg tanned leather insoles and midsoles
  • Hand sewn & hand lasted
  • Steel shank tucks
  • Memory foam inner
  • Cow hide leather laces
  • 8 layers of leather, rubber, and PU compound bottoming unit
  • 1950’s moccasin last
  • Original Rocker sole
  • Handmade in U.S.A.