Yuketen Maine Guide Ox DB Shoe - FO G Brown


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Drawing inspiration from the early wilderness guides of Maine, New England, this shoe has been carefully considered, and even more carefully crafted. These classic American ‘Guide’ shoes are a result of the synthesis between indigenous Americans, and those modernising the west, with traditional moccasin stitching patterns used around durable lasts.

The leather for these shoes comes from Italy’s Opera company, and is their much loved full-grain, ‘flesh out’ offering, tanned in the hills of Tuscany. Multiple layers of leather are hand-sewn, and hand-lasted onto one of the brand’s most iconic lasts, after which they meet a veg tanned leather insole, and midsole. On the bottom, Vibram’s oil-resistant ‘Morflex’ sole serves the shoe well, incorporating nine layers of rubber and leather, for durability and comfort. The design of this special sole has been carefully considered on orthopaedic practices, to encourage a more natural gait cycle for the wearer.

  • Semi Handsewn Main Guide lace up moccasin
  • Tosca Golden Brown leather
  • Opera ‘flesh out’ leather, tanned in Tuscany
  • Veg tanned leather insoles and midsoles
  • Hand-sewn & hand-lasted
  • Steel shank tucks
  • Memory foam inner
  • Cow hide leather laces
  • 9 layers of leather, rubber sole
  • 1950’s moccasin last
  • Vibram oil-resistant ‘Morflex’ sole
  • Handmade in U.S.A.