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Buzz Rickson's x William Gibson Liner Extreme Cold Jacket - Black


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Originally designed to be buttoned into the iconic M-65 'Extreme Cold Weather' jacket, this liner serves to protect from the elements when the weather drops colder. The design features a 100% nylon outer shell, and an insulating polyester pile lining for extra warmth. Boxy in shape, this liner works great as a summer jacket, or as a perfect layering piece in the winter months.

Two front pockets have been added to this design for functionality, while durable elements include Urea black buttons, and all cotton taping throughout. This piece has been produced in collaboration with novelist William Gibson, whose ‘Pattern Recognition’ novel brought a new generation of military enthusiasts to the black MA-1 jacket, and the collection has grown from there. We are proud to have this original piece on board.

  • Vintage/boxy shape
  • 100% nylon outer shell
  • Insulation polyester pile lining
  • Mil specs brass zipper fastening
  • Urea black buttons
  • Two front pockets
  • All cotton taping throughout
  • BR15193
  • Made in Japan