Buzz Rickson's

Buzz Rickson's M-65 Liner Jacket - Olive


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Specially crafted to button in to your trusted M-65 field jacket for extra protection from the elements, this liner is versatile, and incredibly practical. Cut from a lightweight and durable nylon outer shell, this liner features a light membrane for warmth, which has been quilted in to stop it from slipping.

This piece features buttonholes to allow the liner to be easily buttoned in to your m-65, and twin hem pockets for added convenience. A zip front has also been added, with a custom manufactured Conmatic zipper and leather tab.

  • Vintage/Boxy shape
  • Nylon shell
  • All cotton trimming
  • Conmatic zip front
  • Buttonholes for M-65
  • Twin hem pockets
  • Product code: BR14863
  • Made in Japan