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Freewheelers 1921014 'Tahoma' High Mobility Tactical Vest - Black


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The ‘Tomaha’ utility vest from Freewheelers is one of the most interesting pieces that we have ever had through our doors here at Son of a Stag. This creation has brilliantly blended superb build quality with maximum versatility. The body of this vest is made up of a very breathable and waterproof nylon, and perhaps the most recognisable feature of this garment is that it doubles as a backpack. This unique bag has a large storage area and has several mesh pockets within. The outer of the bag has nylon taping which can be used for further attachments. A side mesh pocket is used as a bottle holder for added convenience on the go. The front of the tactical vest features several pockets, all of which are served with a purple nylon tab for ease of access. The front plates open up to reveal a further three pockets on each side, all of which have an elasticated entrance. The vest is fastened with durable plastic clips which can be very quickly closed and released. A vintage mountaineering style ‘Ultimate Thule’ brand label is featured on the inside and a smaller alternative sits on the back. All in all, this vest is an incredible feat of originality blended expertly with remarkable craftsmanship. We are proud to have this one in our store.

  • Lightweight waterproof nylon
  • Mesh pockets
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • High volume bag area
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Made in Japan

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