Merz b. Schwanen

Merz b. Schwanen S73 Retro Sport Wool Striped Socks - Nature/Dark Red


S73 training socks wool

Reminds of training sessions in the olden days: 100% wool from kbT is absolutely comfortable to wear. The two stripes at the shaft are unmistakable This is how you can look definitely cool, without sporty activity

  • 100% wool (controlled organic livestock farming)
  • natural material for excellent skin comfort
  • reinforcements colored with natural madder
  • soft and pleasant feel
  • optimal skin climate
  • good humidity exchange
Form & Fit:
  • Shank height ideal for boots: the upper end is still visible and sets color accents
  • excellent wearing comfort
  • slip-proof, comfortable leg fit
  • long.lasting through reinforcements at the heel and the tip
  • two sporty stripes at the upper end of the leg
  • excellent skin comfort due to abandonment of chemical treatment
  • manufactured in Germany

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