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Warehouse 4091 Plain USN Skivvy Tee - Off White


This understated piece of military clothing history was once referred to as a ‘squib’ by the sailors of the U.S. Navy, and was a uniquely designed undergarment with a few tricks up its sleeve. With a wider collar, a looser weave, and a slightly heavier cotton count than other Warehouse options, the 4091 tee has paid special attention to the history books.

A special rope tie has been added to this tee at the hem, which would have been used to secure the garments to the washing lines on the deck as the ships cut through the ocean, and each colour option of this design has been chosen for a particular mission assigned to the deckhands.

  • Standard fit
  • Looser collar
  • Breathable weave
  • Based on U.S. Naval undergarments
  • Rope attached to hem
  • Loop wheel fabric production
  • Made in Japan

    Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
    L 20.75" 28" 17.5" 6"
    XL 22" 28.5" 18.5" 6.5"

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