Four ways to style your chambray shirt this Spring

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Whether on the app, or with the good old weatherman, one thing is for sure; we just can’t trust our chances of rain when Spring rolls around! With that in mind, we want to help you feel prepared for whatever the weather throws your way, as we move into the warmer months. Come rain or shine, casual or formal, we’ve decided to sing the praises of four essential footwear styles which will see you right in any conditions over the coming months. So, sit back, and let the inspiration wash over you like the sun’s rays (with the potential for serious showers)!

Timeless U.S. Navy Design
Warehouse & Co’s 3044 offering comes just about as close to the real thing as you can get, with nuanced details which stands it out from the crowd. A comfortable mid-weight fabric, in vivid blue colour is perfect for any occasion, allowing this piece to be blended with tailoring, for a new take on formal, or with your favourite chinos and slip on sandals when the weather is warmer.

The Darker Side of Chambray
For most of us, when we think of chambray, we think of perfectly broken in blues. But the team at FULLCOUNT have turned that concept on their head, with this brilliant black offering. Effortlessly paired with chinos or jeans, this dark design can be matched easily with sneakers, loafers, or work boots, to effortlessly finish any ensemble.

Versatile Ecru Chambray
Ecru denim might be having a bit of a moment in the heritage industry, but what about the chambrays!? Well fear not, because the good people at Buzz Rickson’s have us covered. This off-white take on the classic twin-pocket chambray offers new styling possibilities for both your casual and more dressy looks.

Inspired by Hollywood
Military inspired Chambray shirts have a special place on the silver screen, and one of its biggest champions is the ‘king of cool’ himself, Steve McQueen. This classic design has all the traditional details of the one worn by McQueen, and blends perfectly with raw denim, to really help the timeless blue of this shirt do the talking.