5 Ways to Style the Michael Shoe, from Paraboot - Could this be the most versatile shoe in the world?

In modern menswear, there are few silhouettes which reach as many corners of the community as the Michael, from Paraboot. This versatile offering blends effortlessly with most smart and casual looks, offering a unique toe shape which is as recognisable as it is comfortable, and what’s more, it’s been quietly doing its thing to be savoured by sartorial enthusiasts for generations. So, today we have painstakingly put together five looks which showcase the versatility of this iconic shoe (editors note, Michael did most of the work!). 

Look 01: Military Casual

A personal favourite amongst the Michael brothers is this Whiskey Velours suede option. This luxurious leather tones down the shoe, allowing it to be styled easily with natural colourways, and casual military pieces like this brilliant ‘Taxi Driver’ edition of the M-65 by Toys McCoy. 

Look 02: Laid Back Sportswear

Ever thought about leather shoes with sweatpants? Well, we hadn’t either until the Michael came into our lives! This Marron colour option goes great with the red of Warehouse & Co’s 3022 check shirt, while these Buzz Rickson sweats offer a wider range of comfort. 

Look 03: Evening Wear Indigo

Aside from our daily denim ensembles, it’s nice to get a bit dressed up from time to time. And wouldn’t you know it, but our pal Micheal is with us every step of the way! These pieces from Warehouse & Co offer a sharper look for evening time, and the Noir leather option finishes the look perfectly. 

Look 04: Daily Denim Style 

It’s always nice to team some of your most worn in denim with fresh indigo! And thanks to the good people at FULLCOUNT, we have more than enough options to choose from. Their incredible range of pre-aged indigos is highlighted here by the Dartford wash Type-I jacket, while the subtle Café leather of this Michael option really lets the denim do the talking. 

Look 05: Ivy Weekend

This casual Ivy look is tried and tested, and is a great way to let simple pieces breathe. This knit from Merz b. Schwanen bridges the gap between smart and casual, while these battered Dartford wash jeans from FULLCOUNT provide a contrast to that. Paraboot’s Nubuck Gringo leather is a great pairing for this look, as the leather picks up elements of your own character as you wear them in!