Four pairings to celebrate Anonymous Ism socks

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It feels fair to say that socks are having something of a renaissance at the moment, with perhaps the more reserved among us reaching for a touch of vibrancy on their feet, to add a pop of interest and joie de vivre. But there is one brand who are making that concept super easy, with heritage-inspired designs which offer a modern edge, to boost your look for the new season. We are of course talking about Japan’s Anonymous Ism brand! So, sit back, and enjoy four inspired pairings, to effortlessly raise your sock game!


Crisp Denim with a Formal Edge
What better reason to roll a thick indigo cuff than to show off a bold sock choice? This pairing shows the fun that you can have with your formal look, by letting a glimpse of interest show, between your jean and loafer.

Refined Comfort
Anonymous Ism’s intricate patterns are the perfect way to boost your casual look. Why not try using all natural tones to emphasise a relaxed style as we transition into a new season?

Powerful Natural Tones
Combining comfort and style can never be a bad thing, and using a bold sock choice to make an ecru jean pop is even better. Vibrant colours blend these natural tones in a unique way, and are a great way to update your casual look.

Bold Colour, Battered Denim
The timeless pairing of a well broken in jean with a white sneaker is a beloved one for us. But have you ever tried breaking that combo up with a bold pop of colour? Use Anonymous Ism’s vivid colour choices to craft your own take on this classic look.