The soon-to-be collector’s edition of Tanker, by Porter-Yoshida and Co.

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There are few bag manufacturers within the heritage community whose name carries as much gravitas as Japan’s remarkable Porter-Yoshida & Co. Since 1962, the brand have been putting out refined bags and accessories which more than reach the demands of quality and unique style set out by their discerning customers, and while their creative ideology steps foot into both formal, and casual realms, it is their Tanker range which reigns supreme amongst aficionados.

Taking its inspiration from the U.S. Army’s MA-1 flight jacket, the Tanker series boasts utilitarian design, with a rugged nylon outer shell, contrasted with modern nuances of design, which neatly tie together the brand’s ideologies. Hailed as ‘the perfect all-rounder’ for its rugged functionality, it might come as a surprise that this beloved design is to see something of a re-birth for 2025, with the current iteration of the Tanker range being archived to collector’s item status. While the brand have been tight lipped about exactly what form these changes will take, one thing is for sure; Tanker will never be the same again. So, today we’ve decided to celebrate the very last drop we are to receive of this iconic collection, and highlight four versatile styles which have become synonymous with the nylon beauty that is, Tanker.

For simple, casual style, we don’t need to look any further than Porter’s backpack collection. A rugged nylon outer shell is met with a padded nylon interior in bold ‘rescue orange’ colour, reminiscent of the most famous of American military flight jackets. In this range, the brand include padded shoulder straps for comfort on the go, and multiple storage compartments for your day-to-day needs. As always, expect ingenious access solutions, and hidden zippers to easily get to your essentials.

Duffle Bag
There is no better feeling than when you can escape for the weekend, and when you do, you really need a duffle bag as the perfect companion! The classic barrel shape allows for maximum storage, while adjustable and removable straps mean that this bag can be comfortably thrown over the shoulder, or lugged around using its grab handles. Porter’s Tanker duffle bag brings a fresh, luxurious feel to the overnight stay, drawing on heritage influence to carve a new identity.

Shoulder Bag
Porter’s collection of shoulder bags are perhaps the most varied in the Tanker collection, with designs which offer functionality in a casual or formal environment. Ease of access to your essentials is a big part of the shoulder bag, and the brand have that down to a T, with various functional pockets on the exterior, and interior. Whether you are carrying out your daily commute, or pushing your luggage needs to a weekend away, Porter have considered a little of something for everyone.

Waist Bag
An absolute essential piece for day-to-day city life, the waist bag provides protection for your valuables, and easy access when you need it. By sitting close to the body, you can feel safe and secure, while accessorising your look with Sage Green, Iron Blue, or Black. Reinforced clip fasteners, multiple zip secured pockets, and the very same ‘rescue orange’ padded nylon interior that gives this range its edge. Explore Tanker’s waist bag portfolio, for the perfect accessory to boost your casual look.