Buzz Rickson's

Buzz Rickson's 'George AF Base' A-4 Knit Cap - Olive


This brilliant cold weather watch cap has been masterfully recrafted by Buzz Rickson’s, resulting in one of the most impressive wool knit caps on the market. The A-4 cap was issued to aircraft mechanics during WWII when the weather dropped too cold for the standard issue A-3 mechanics cap. The material used is a very densely knitted worsted wool which has a beautifully heavy feel to it. When you hold this cap in your hand, you know that it has been made to last. The unique construction sees the top split into 6 panels which are sewn together for an ultimate comfort fit. One size fits all with this model and can be worn with a single or double roll. The dense knit allows the shape to stay in place brilliantly. The iconic stencil used on this design reads ‘George AFB. CA’.

  • Dense worsted wool
  • Expertly woven
  • Custom stencil
  • Cold weather watch cap
  • 6 panel top construction
  • Made in Japan

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