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Heller's Cafe HC-036 Nonpareil Jacket - Brown Duck Canvas


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Heller's Cafe have released a beautiful reimagining of the hallowed ‘Type I’ style trucker jacket. The inspiration for this piece comes straight from incredible collection of Larry McKaughan and displays workwear craftsmanship from the earliest part of the 20th Century. This duck canvas jacket is a more raw interpretation than many of the Levi’s inspired versions that we see and has acute details which stand it apart from its competitors. The double felled seams are slimmer, the stitch length is smaller, the single patch breast pocket has an arched mouth and exposed copper rivets securing it in place. Two simple stitch blocks are used to secure the pleats in place and a cinch and buckle are placed lower than we are used to, right at the bottom of the waistband. The chest and back seams are positioned higher than usual to lengthen the body a little, and the shoulder seams are a slightly dropped to emphasise the boxy, relaxed fit of this jacket. ‘Nonpareil’ can be translated to unmatched or unique, and it is easy to see that this jacket deserves that title.

  • Relaxed/Standard fit
  • One patch pocket
  • Cinch back
  • Copper rivets
  • Vintage style buttons
  • Vintage woven duck canvas fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan

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