TOYS McCOY Snoopy 'Flying Ace' Tee - Olive


Cut from a durable 100% cotton, this tee boasts a vintage boxy shape, and plenty of heritage cartoon character. The traditional method of loopwheel fabric construction has been employed by Toys McCoy to ensure that the quality of this tee is at its best, with special consideration put into the beautifully authentic graphic design.

Snoopy is almost undoubtedly one of the most enduring cartoon characters of all time, with his likeness having strong ties to American sports and military in the 50's through 80's, and Toys McCoy takes full advantage of this to evoke a strong feeling of mid-century charm.

  • Vintage/Boxy Fit
  • 100% Cotton
  • Loopwheel Fabric Construction
  • Single V Collar Insert
  • Snoopy 'Flying Ace' Print on Front
  • Small Snoopy Print on Back
  • Product code: TMC2422-160
  • Made in Japan