Warehouse & Co

Warehouse 3200 Canvas Sneaker - Off White


The 3200 from Warehouse & Co has become a favorite amongst our customers here at Son of a Stag. With a brilliant blend of timeless design and durable materials, the 3200 resembles mid-century sports sneakers which have become synonymous with the American colleges and enduring past-time of basketball. And, whilst the design might be familiar, the construction isn’t. These sneakers are as hard wearing as they are comfortable. With a reinforced rubber casing and thick canvas, the main body of this shoe is built to last. The laces are a high-quality blend of cotton and wool and the eyelets are reinforced steel. Air ventilator eyelets have been included to make this shoe more breathable, and special technology has been used to create a uniquely comfortable arch. The heel of these shoes is supported by a sturdy rubber plate and boasts a small blue plaque on the back with a vintage style logo. This iconic off white colorway is a time tested classic, making it a wardrobe essential for decades.

  • Canvas and rubber construction
  • 7 lace eyelets
  • 2 sole eyelets
  • Unique comfort footbed
  • Reinforced heel
  • Made in Taiwan