It’s true – You can get up to £40 for your old jeans against any new pair, for a LIMITED period. So, what are we going to do with your old jeans.

We opened Soldier Blue to do our little part about sustainability against our
accountant’s advise. Soldier Blue is a world class artelier that provides an
amazing repair service which means we can repair your jeans and bring them back to life. Soldier Blue also customises and offer a full alteration service. So, we will reward you for your old jeans which we will refurbish to sell on after we have done our magic to them.

As we are very likely to me overwhelmed, we have a few conditions:
Jeans accepted in any condition as long as they have been washed before bringing to us. It’s a ‘one for one ‘offer meaning that you can get a discount against any new pair for one pair brought back. You can’t for example get multiple discount against one purchase.

Check the list below to see if your old jeans are listed:
Freewheelers: £40
ONI Natural Indigo: £35
ONI: £30
Full Count: £30
Warehouse £30
Hellers Café: £30
Levi's Vintage Clothing (USA made): £25
Samurai: £25
Momotaro: £25
Pure Blue Japan: £25
Kapital: £25
Iron Heart: £25
Tellason: £20
Studio D'artisan: £20
Stevenson Overalls: £20
Rogue Territory: £20
UES: £20

All other jeans £15 off as long as they are selvedge fabric and been washed.
Remember you can choose any jeans and have the FREE chain stitch service in case you need the length shortened.

Jeans can be brought in-store or sent in by post to the following address:

Son of a Stag, 9 Dray Walk, London, E1 6QL, United Kingdom

If you are sending your jeans in by post, be sure to include a note stating your name, email and phone so we can contact you.