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Freewheelers 2225020 'Put Something Else' Tee - Shady Black


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Fresh from the brand’s ‘Motor Psyclone’ range of motorcycle inspired heritage goods comes this playful little number. With bold graphics on the front and back of this design, Freewheelers have produced a tee which is provocative, while lightweight and bouncy to the touch. Cut in a standard fit, from a 100% cotton, this tee is a great way to bring some interest to any casual outfit.

The front graphic draws on heritage imagery, using skeletons and motorcycles, while the back encourages us to ‘Love It Up’, advice which I’m sure we could all take on board. Another great addition to the collection, from a brand who can do no wrong.

  • Standard fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight fabric
  • ‘Motor Psyclone’ range
  • Skeleton graphic on front
  • ‘Love It Up’ graphic on back
  • Made in Japan