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Full Count 0105 13.7oz Loose Straight Jean - Raw


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Based on a 1953 Levi’s 501xx, this 0105 model from Full Count looks and feels even more real than the real thing. Mikiharu Tsujita is known for his passion for authenticity, and it is this passion which has led him to create this classic 5-pocket jean. The 0105 features a comfortable mid-to-high rise which flatters the waist and allows a little more room in the thigh. The leg is a loose straight which hangs beautifully and gives an iconic 1950’s silhouette. Five branded buttons make up the fly on this modern classic model.

The denim is a 13.7oz weight which is constructed strictly from 100% Zimbabwean cotton, has been hand picked at a rate of only once a year. The reason for this mirrors the principles that the company was founded on; quality and authenticity. By only picking the cotton once a year, the length and shape of each strand is allowed to maintain its original authenticity, eliminating the short, broken feel which is forged by modern farming techniques. Zimbabwean cotton is known for its thread count, and when woven, produces a luxuriously soft and durable denim. Once the cotton has been collected, it is woven at Shinya Mills on the very same vintage denim looms used to make Levi’s denim.

A pink selvedge line adds the brand’s stamp of authenticity. Full Count’s solid construction is enforced by copper rivets concealed on the back pockets, the top of the rear pockets are raised and so are the belt loops. They even feature a triangular stitch as was common on the top button of vintage Levi’s models. The rear pockets hold the classic arches of the brand, whilst a goat skin leather patch adorns the waistband. This raw model of the 0105 is un-sanforized, meaning that they will shrink a little in the wash, and if you are planning to rinse these jeans, you should buy a size up to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Loose/straight fit
  • Medium/high rise
  • Button-fly
  • Goat skin leather patch
  • Pink line rope dyed selvage denim woven by Shinya Mills
  • 13.7oz denim
  • Woven on vintage shuttle looms
  • Raised belt loops
  • All cotton thread construction
  • Classic Full Count arcs
  • Unsanforized denim
  • Copper rivets throughout including hidden back pocket rivets
  • Triangular stitching to top button
  • 100% Zimbabwean cotton
  • Made in Osaka, Japan

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