RoToTo Bird's Eye Comfy Room Sock - Dark Yellow


These incredible room socks from Rototo will make you never want to leave the house again! This weighty option from the veteran sock makers personifies comfort, but throws in a healthy amount of quality and style at the same time. Knitted in the brand’s own sock factory in Japan, this option has been crafted from a blend of 43% acrylic, 30% wool, 12% nylon, 12% polyester, and 3% polyurethane.

With a subtle pattern, these socks make a brilliant gift, or even a gift for yourself!

  • Comfy Room Socks Bird’s Eye
  • 43% acrylic
  • 30% wool
  • 12% nylon
  • 12% polyester
  • 3% polyurethane
  • Made in Japan

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