Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue Brick Lane Booner Hat - Sand Multi-Panel


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This autumnal coloured ‘Brick Lane Booner’ is inspired by Mother Nature, and has been crafted from 100% recycled cotton, canvas and nylon. This particular Daisy Mae began its life as an American duck hunting jacket, which had certainly seen a lot of action. After many hours of deconstructing and repurposing the materials of that jacket, our head designer managed to craft something fresh and exciting. The 6-panel dome construction features complimenting beige colours, whilst the wide bring provides excellent protection from the sun’s rays in the summertime. All binding has been done with 100% cotton taping, no plastics to be found anywhere. Happily this hat has hung up its hunting rifle and is looking for a new life in London, and might just be the perfect size for you if you are a 57 cm head.

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