Tellason 16.5oz Coverall Denim Jacket


Tellason’s coverall coat is a modern take on a classic. With a unique twist on an iconic design, the brand have managed to make this chore coat even more versatile. Extra pockets on the front have been added for convenience, and there is even one hidden pocket which is designed to fade through the newspaper pocket over time. The coat is a 16.5oz denim, a beautiful and now rare denim which is no longer in production. The chore coat features extra rivets to fortify the stress points, an added element of durability which we have come to expect from the brand. 

  • Standard fit 
  • Updated design courtesy of Jay and MaryLynn of Smith & Butler Brooklyn.
  • Selvage denim
  • Several Utility pockets with right side interior pocket
  • Extra rivets to fortify stress points on newspaper pocket
  • 5 doughnut button front opening
  • Made in San Francisco, U.S.A

Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
M 21.5" 28.5" 19.25" 20"
L 22.75" 28.5" 20.5" 20"

XXL 26" 29" 22" 21"